Game developers for biodiversity.

Pelimetsä is a project of the Finnish game developer community for the protection of old Finnish forests and their vulnerable biodiversity.

In support of the work of the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, over 330 acres of forest have been permanently preserved.

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Currently Pelimetsä consists of two locations: one in South Finland, one in Lapland.

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Utterinvuori is located near Hämeenlinna© Teemu Haila

Utterinvuori Forest

A lush forest of 130 acres with some rolling hills, located in Hauho, near the city of Hämeenlinna.

Tsiuttajoki Old Growth

Nearly 200 acres of untouched woods near the Tsiuttajoki-river in the Inari region.

Tsiuttajoki is located in Lapland© Anneli Jussila
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