Game developers for biodiversity.

Pelimetsä is a project of the Finnish game developer community for the protection of old Finnish forests. The trees and the forest floor are a permanent storage for carbon, and a haven of vulnerable biodiversity.

In support of the work of the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, over 330 acres of forest have been permanently preserved.


Currently Pelimetsä consists of two locations: one in South Finland, one in Lapland.

© Teemu Haila

Utterinvuori Forest

A lush forest of 130 acres with some rolling hills, located in Hauho, near the city of Hämeenlinna.

© Anneli Jussila

Tsiuttajoki Old Growth

Nearly 200 acres of untouched woods near the Tsiuttajoki-river in the Inari region.

Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation provides a direct channel for the protection of nature. All donations go straight to buying and protecting new areas and protecting the new nature reserves.

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